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    Default Issue with my Exile Javelin

    My front boat speakers stopped working today. Prior to today they worked just fine, so I know my amp settings are correct. I have 3 pair of SX65 cabin speakers, the 2 pair in the cabin work fine, the 1 pair in the bow have stopped working. They are all wired to my Javelin amp, including my sub that works as well.
    Any suggestions of what to check or try? Checked my speaker wires and RCA cables and everything is tight and fine.

    Hoping to check directly with Exile, but appears they are not open again until Monday. I know they will help me out when the are open as they have been awesome to work with in the past. Just hoping to get the speakers working yet this weekend. Thanks!
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    Are you running both front and rear outputs into the amp or splitting a single pair and populating the 4 chnl RCA inputs or or just a single pair of RCA and have the amp in 2 chnl mode? You can swap the chnl 1/2 with the 3/4 RCA. Swap the chnl 1/2 speaker leads with the chnl 3/4 leads. This will isolate the issue

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