as i bougt my 2017 Craz just a few day ago it hit me verry unluckily when my steering cable became suddenly sluggish on the first ride at only 160 hours. It was assembled verry dry without any grease on rudder side which caused corrosion and some inner damage to the cable.

I have measured all significant leghts of cable, left middle and right position...
I installed the new cable at exact these measurements.
Steering wheel straight matched rudder straight, same amount of turns to the left and right were possible.
Steering felt nice after this repair, but at full left turn it was still a bit sluggish.
As i remember, it felt like this before the issue and repair, too

The reason i found was:
The lever mounted to the rudder is not in an 90 angle to the rudder more likely 70 (a bit more backwards) so left turns end up in a verry narrow angle lever to cable which mechanicaly disturbs smooth steering. This also affected a more progressive rudder to steering angle while turning left than right. Max left turning caused more rudder angle than max right.

My solution:
As i cant change the rudder to lever angle and as this angle was engineered to make any sense, i need to deal with it. I took the steeringrack of and moved it two teeth to the right(tuning direction left) i expected less steering wheel turns possible to the left than to the right.
After this i moved the cable forward the same length as two teeth.
It turned out with about 2 steering wheel turns possible to the right and 1 2/3 to the left, same max rudder angle to the left and right with around 50, rudder straight matches steering wheel straight. Steering feels nice from max left to max right. But i did not had the chance to try it on the water.

Would you say its assembled the right way now? Any other sugestions?