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    Hi All,

    Tonight I got back in there, found the positive+ground wire was for what I think is my right side ballast pump. Tomorrow I'll be reconnecting and hiding the wire up away from the manifolds, which I think may have caused the wire separation in the first place.

    Still nothing on the snap-in wire. It is black & yellow, my first thought was to get underneath the dash but there's multiple yellow wires underneath there, so I will try to trace it back to a switch - somewhere...

    ---- Where should my blower motor be located? I did as much research as I could, and think it should be on the starboard side under the mufflers, but I couldn't see anything back there - and I hear nothing when I hit my blower motor switch. ----

    To be continued!

    (Apologies for posting links as opposed to actual pictures, I think I may not have enough posts to add pictures yet)
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    Blower in my '05 is located on the port side. Remove the divider panels to get access. Invest in a wave shaper or build your own "suck gate". You can find plenty of specs on line. Easy DIY project and will make a huge difference in the surf wave. We all surf regular so we have a 750 in the port locker, 400 in the starboard locker, 400 in the floor locker and 300 fixed weight in the front and we have a great wave with our '05 LSV which is the same hull as your '04. We have a separate 400 sack we fill with a tsunami pump and set on the seat but most of the time we don't need it.
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    Thanks VA LSV, that info is awesome for helping me figure out what kind of weight setup I should run!

    - So I had my first official launch today, a couple of things;
    - Belt needs replaced, was so tight a couple of times the engine wouldn't turn over when we went to restart to surf other spots. I already bought the new belt, just need to install it tomorrow.
    - I did find the blower motor, but it didn't work. Blade was gummy and seized up. Ordered another and will replace asap.
    - Quickly found out how overly complicated the ballast system is. Only a couple of the pumps worked, and since each has a one-way pump, there's 6 I guess? - so that should be fun. I'm looking at this Wakemakers system upgrade, seems like an all-in-one package to fix the issue and upgrade the pumps to the brass reversible pumps (like sandm eluded to earlier this week!).
    - Carb needs tuned - hate carbs. (insert EFI conversion wishes & eye roll here).
    - Had a bit higher idle than I'd like, v-drive light was on as a result. Might be the TPS, could just be an adjustment, oil is new so I rechecked level and that's fine, pressure seemed fine according to the gauge (right in the middle all day at 40 I believe). Could also just be another effect of needing a carb tuning. Will check v-drive oil tomorrow as well, didn't want to check while we were out on the water and forgot to check when we got off the water as I know you should check it while the engine's warm.

    Any advice and help to work through these troubleshooting & fixes would be greatly appreciated!

    Since I can't post an obligatory picture, here's an obligatory link :/

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