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    Default Mojo pro with Wetsounds Rev 10ís

    Just a quick question that hopefully someone can answer.
    I have a 2017 Mojo Pro with the wetsounds tower speakers.
    I was looking to get the wetsounds led rings for those speakers.
    Is the tower and speakers already pre-wired for those ledís or do I also have run wires and switches?
    And if it is pre-wired do the led lights just come on when the interior lights are turned on or are they always on?


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    So from I saw on the Supra and moms boat owners Facebook page the tower is prewired for lights so you can the speaker rings in one solid color (depending on what ground you connect from RGB strip). If you want full RGB capabilities you will need to run RGB wires to the tower and purchase an RGB controller. This is what I did.

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