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    Default Audio for idiots

    I bought the 8" wetsounds speakers and sub kit in my new Moomba with the Fusion deck.

    Here are my issues.

    1. I cant seem to add more bass
    -yes I can turn it up in the menu, but that doesn't seem to do anything.
    -yes I have adjusted the tone.

    2. there are 2 zones.
    -(linked) but no balance. Only balance on the tower speakers.

    3. I cant seem to turn up the in hull speakers. are they running on deck power only?
    4. When a Samsung is connected to it, sound is acceptable. When Apple is its low volume when phone volume is fully up.

    In short I need a better setup. What should I do to add to what I already have?
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    With the Fusion deck you should have dual zone control so in-boats on one zone and tower on the other zone.

    There are two parameters concerning the sub within the fusion unit.

    One is your standard bass, mid, treble controls. You should aim to keep these flat and make your gain adjustments at the amp.

    The other parameter is Sub Limit, in other words, putting a limit on how high sub volume can go regardless of zone control.

    Raising the sub limit will not make your output any louder and having it maxed could put your sub in a situation where it is beyond its limits and could get blown.

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    -yes I have adjusted the tone.
    What tone did you adjust?

    Just note, the "base" in the base, mid and treble menu, has little impact on the woofer and mostly impacts the full range. SO dont jack the "base" trying to improve the woofer.

    The Sub level control in the head, is linked to zone 1. Its a sub menu, pardon the pun. So if you turn down zone one, it reduces the subwoofer level also. This can be a downside for some systems.

    I would not worry about left to right balance. It needs to be centered. if one adjusts balance left and right and hears the volume change between tower and in-boats, something is WAY off on the signal configuration.

    With 4 chnl and 2 zone output, FADE is now called 2-zone control. No need, or place for, fade any more.

    For the 2 zone control to effectively work on an in-boat/tower setup, ALL speakers need to be powered by external amps. I am not overly familiar with the Moomba audio options. However, are their one or two grayish amps mounted and wired on the amp wall in the port locker?

    Phones connected in what way? BT, USB or old school AUX cable?

    Odds are, the entire system is setup less then ideal and poorly tuned, which includes a woofer setting within the head, that not may know about, or how to setup.

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