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    Default Sound System Fine Tuning - Head Unit Adjustments

    From everyones advice within Jason1973's thread:

    and direct help from MLA & Phil @ Kicker I was able to tune my sound system over the weekend and it made a huge difference.

    While setting my gains, I had the bass, mid & treble set to flat on the head unit and my phone was set to flat as well. I was wondering if it is recommended to leave the head unit settings flat, or it is ok to adjust (tweak) these settings without the worry of possible distortion or damage?
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    good question. I didn't really screw around with mine. i had to take it back to the dealer for a gel coat repair and asked them to check it out. They said the system was not at factory spec. They have to make adjustments. Said it should have been setup at the factory better than it was. Now its a whole different world.
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    Glad to help, good to hear the results were positive.


    Might be worth updated that original thread to let everyone following knowl that the issue was just improper setup from the factory and not the equipment.

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