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may work on your boat tray but not all boats have access to the playpen space underneath. mine does not-except flip up cushion that hides the windscreen block to pull out and install. quite frankly there's nothing I'd store under it as you have to then remove it to fill ballast. we only bring what fits on the boat outside of ballast compartments.

the best of both worlds is a walkthru with a cushion option to turn it into a playpen. keeps everyone happy. .
You're right, the only thing I store in the playpen locker is boards. But having 3 boards stowed away while trailering is pretty rad. And agreed, we only bring what we can store on the tower while underway. I can do 12 boards on my tower. (4 in factory racks, 4 more in aftermarket swivel wakeboard racks, 2 on the cargo bimini frame, and 2 more on the overhead racks above the tower). Do I have all them full all the time? No. But 4 boards on my boat would be the absolute minimum and more typically it'd be a lot more. Tomorrow will be 8 boards on racks. the OEM racks don't get used too often but there's no reason to remove them.

The Max is the only thing that's even come close to having enough storage to keep me happy. And the filler cushion in that would be a compromise, but would make me happy 'enough'. And the fact that it already has 1000 under the bow and BIG storage areas in all the lockers.

But ultimately all this is Probably why I'm so in love with my XLV. And I keep telling myself this because I owe less than $10k on my XLV and it's got new upholstery and I can't afford a bigger boat payment!!!