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    Default Stuck at 250 hours

    I remember reading about this awhile back. Just noticed I am stuck at 250. If I recall there was a firmware update or something. Is this something I have to drag to a dealer? Or can they send me via flash drive or something? Thanks! 2015 Mondo

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    The dealer replaced the Screen on my 15 mojo for that concern, also the boat is still keeping track of the hours

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    I wish my hours would have stayed displaying at 250! haha.

    My hour meter display is a hot mess. No idea by looking at it. but you can pull that info off the ECU of the engine.
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    There is a way to remove it. I brought boat to the dealer and they didn't have, couldn't find, or broke the cable to flash the unit. They took it out and drove it to Moomba factory when they were picking up a new boat. Not sure if you removing it yourself would void the warranty but it can be removed to update. It does keep track of hours, went from 250 to 304ish after update.

    PS. Another dealer didnt have the cable either so I dont know why they are hard to come by.
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    I wonder if older models are affected ('14 Mojo). I am at 240ish now and adding more. I am hoping with the '15's going to Ford engines, may have been related.
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