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    Sorry guys - Mods can't do much to help besides show you the options. The Admins have the keys to the palace for vBulletin updates, setting permissions, limitations, etc.

    Photobucket used to be the go-to until they screwed everyone with their new policies on 3rd party posting.

    I've also tried IMGUR - its ok at best.
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    Quote Originally Posted by North Woody View Post
    I gave up on trying to load images via the website and just use Tapatalk on my iPhone and iPad... you can upload single images with a free account, but if you want to upload multiple images you'll have to sign up for a Pro account...
    I just use the Tapatalk App on my phone or tablet.

    At work I can use the Web URL directly, but do not post pics b/c you need to load from a 3rd party photo hosting site - pain in he azz for the extra step.

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