Hey everyone, been on here a while but never posted anything. Awesome forum btw a ton of excellent info. Got a new Max recently and trying to dial in the wave for surfing. Absolutely loving the boat so far coming from a 2007 XLV GG. Just ordered 500#s of lead from leadwake (mail man is going to be thrilled) and was wondering if any other Max owners have any suggestions on placement? I'm thinking of starting it in the bow as I keep getting auto wake pop up message that front ballast is maxed so can't achieve pitch. Which is weird because I'm getting this message with only 4 sub 200# crew all sitting in the back...not like I have 8 fatties back there. It could be my pitch sensor needs calibration but I'd figure I'll just throw some lead up there and see what happens. Anyways open to any suggestions y'all have.