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    I would say it is not about technology specifically, that is to list of tech better than the broadcast will be a very long list. The broadcast is one of the most popular beginner boards, but is usually quickly relegated to a boat board within less than a season. They are everywhere and inexpensive.

    Hybrid or not really depends on what you are talking about. Many years ago, I referred to all wakesurfboards as hybrids, in that none of them were really ocean surfboards, but hybrids sharing attributes of numerous styles of boards. Still today most really are still hybrids. Some float more towards a surfboard others float more to a skim board on the spectrum.

    Yes, reading reviews or description at online stores is very limiting, it is generally marketing jargon. People hype what they sell, usually don't know much about any board specifically beyond what a rep has told them.

    As far as performance boards go you and your friend are right in that typical range of a 4'5-4'6" board, you can actually ride smaller and more refined, but since your buddy is a good bit heavier than you, you need some leeway.

    Yes starting with a hybrid is a good decision given you are already planning on multiple riders and if you choose right it will help you decide if you really gravitate more to surf style or skim style. In general most hybrids tend to be easier to ride, are more intuitive with simply throttle and brake, and more forgiving.

    In my line up, hybrids are like this... skim------->RacerX------>Ringer-------->Sixer------->Surfstyle (Team Pro, Mystix, Chaos Pro, Pocket Rocket). Basically the RacerX is the most skimmy of surf style hybrids we make, if you want something more skimmy then I suggest a skim board to people, and a Sixer filling the gap between a typical hybrid and a pro style aerial board.

    I have lots of people that ride out on Allatoona and Lanier.

    Chaos Surf Co.
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