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    Autowake and the surf and wake presets have been nothing short of awesome in the 18SA.

    For a newb to this sport driving has been super simple.

    I fill ballast 100% pick the preset surf setting, my son jumps in and grabs the rope and the wave is great. Autowake adjusts it automatically and teaches you were to put passengers or extra ballast.

    Without autowake as a newb, we would not have been surfing a good wave like we did the first time we tried.

    OUTSTANDING system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goose View Post
    Honestly, I have gotten on many peoples boats (that they thought were dialed in) and within just a few minutes had them making a wave they couldn't believe.
    Goose, feel free to come on over and dial in our SA anytime, hahaha..but really, we only live 2 exits away from the plant on the water.
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