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    My delaer did not have Moomba board racks in when I bought my boat so we put on Monster Tower racks. We also have their speakers and tower mount mirror.

    Now, 2 months later that board racks are starting to look bad. The finish is bubbling on the cross support bar. The board holders look fine. We store the racks everytime we come off the water and they are only up on the boat when we're on the water so they are not exposed to the weather.

    I guess my question is has anyone else experienced quality issues with their products? I have called their support line and am waiting for a return call but from what I can read they do not warrant their product from that happening. Sounds crazy to me considering those rack are $235.00 each (list).

    Of course now I'm worried that my speakers will begin doing the same thing even though they stay covered with Speakersox.

    Thanks for the input ...


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    My wakeboard racks are now a year old.
    Haven't had any problems with the racks. Had a couple of bolts in the bracket that wanted to rust though.

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    I have both the monster tower ski rack and mirror no problems with either. My question would be is what type of conditions are they in i.e. salt water under the cover in damp conditions. All this plays into it.
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    Greensboro, NC here so no salt water. The boat is a V drive so they are stored in the starboard storage compartment in the back. The entire boat is dried every time we come off of the lake so they're not put up wet.

    We've also had the rusting bolts. I mentioned it to the dealer and they committed to changing them out to the stainless ones. Their display unit has stainless/aluminum bolts (silver in color) and the ones installed on my boat has black bolts which are rusting.

    Guess I'll wait until the end of the season and address it then. The dealership is already having to replace the complete rear seat where someone at the dealership or SC repaired it before we bought it. It showed up about two weeks after taking the boat. They also are replacing the seat bottom on the passenger side where the door swings out. It's obvious that it must've came from another boat. The piping does not line up like the rest of the seats do.

    This should make for a fun fall drop off.


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    Monster tower has always been proud of their customer support. I would not hesitate to contact Bill Bierbower (founder) and I'm sure he will take care of you. I believe Monster Tower has recently been bought by a conglomerate that makes marine aftermarket accessories. BTW, mine is the purple outback in


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    *** UPDATE ***

    Tom called me from Monster this morning and could not have been more helpful. He said that they had gotten a bad batch of chrome and that he would be sending me a new set out immediately. He also is replacing all of the rusted screws on the mounts.

    It's nice when manufacturers stand behind their products!

    I'd vote for Monster as a best of the best for customer service.


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    I actually bought my racks for my old boat... which are made by xtremetower but fit my moomba perfect! Not sure where the originals came from?

    anyhow to make along story short.. no problems and great quality. you can get them at
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