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    Quote Originally Posted by c h r i s View Post
    How long did it take you to do this?
    < 2 beer job

    I am a complete Newbie, do you think I can do it myself?

    Is it easy to do?
    Yes. Buy a heat gun from Harbour freight <$20. Also, get the wake maker code or call direct and reference this forum. (Probably best to call so you get the correct sized parts). fittings are cheap so I say buy extras so you're prepared for any future mods and not stuck paying shipping again. Probably buy some extra length of pipe too for no more than it costs.

    How long does it take to fill all the bags?
    ~15 minutes

    Do you leave it filled for the day?
    Nope, just when we are surfing.

    I am thinking with all this weight, probably not a good idea to pick the boat up in the boat lift?
    Agreed, I wouldn't do that. I don't like pulling into my slip with any level of ballast in the boat.

    How do you judge how much the bags are full as the sensor on the screen must have been built for the original bags and full on 650 is probably different from full on 1100 plus the side bag if attached.
    The %'s on your screen are simply timers and are adjustable. I changed all 3 of my times to the max (I think it was around 22 min) and just turn them off when the front overflow spits and the rear seats start to pop up. You'll start to figure out what %'s your riders like for surf and wake sports and this way you'll rarely need to toggle the fill/empty switches past 100% or 0%.
    thank you for the comments
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    I put out old spare 400s under the cabin seats so we can fill them when we need a little more weight with a small crew

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    2018 Update for those taking a look- I added the 1100s in the back lockers, plummed in 450 sumo sacs under the side benches (it took me a couple orders from wakemakers to get the right goodies). Plenty of room under the helm and we wrap jackets around the tower to let them dry anyway (besides, it just looks cool). Now with just my wife and 10 year old I have a great wave. It does take the stock pumps some time to fill/drain (10 minutes or more), but worth it. Total cost was bags/fittings/hoses < $1,000.

    Don’t wait- add the weight!

    Now I’d like to have Moomba come up with trays for the back lockers!?!?

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    Has anyone tried modifying the tabs themselves? The amount of sideways push Malibu or nautique seams to be a lot more as the moomba’s tabs don’t really go down into the water that far. Seam to affect roll more than sideways kick.
    The tabs have small screwed on runners maybe increasing the size of those? Also here is the tray I made.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Huyck22 View Post
    Has anyone tried modifying the tabs themselves?
    Check this thread out.

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