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    Default bilge auto switch 2000 legagcy

    I am new to the forum and hoping ya'll can help out. I just got a 2000 Legacy and it runs great. The bilge toggle switch indicator light stayed on all the time. Turns out the automatic switch was stuck up (couple of taps on the side and it dis-enegaged.) Of course before I figured this out it burned out the bilge pump. I replaced the old Mayfair cartridge with a Johnson pump - same model number. I went to pull the automatic switch. It is screwed into the fiberglass floor. When I removed the screws water started to seep up through the holes (!!). I quckly got the model number Mayfair 05502 and put the screws back in. I am hoping ya'll can help me out with a couple of questions. 1) Those screws are not that long. Do they really go through the hull? 2) What replacement switch is recommended - I like OEM parts 3) How the heck should I mount it - I am too freaked out to drill new holes! 4) What the heck do I do with the old holes? Thanks!

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    Default Re: bilge auto switch 2000 legagcy

    I use 5200 or silicone or epoxy and glue the new bilge/switch down. Use the 5200 to fill the holes. Works best if you clean and rough up the surface a bit with sand paper. I use brake cleaner to remove the gunk, or a good degreaser.
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    And let the water dry before you glue it down.

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