We had owned 3 other Moomba boats but they have been older models and one of them was even a direct drive. We just bought a 2013 Outback V last week and it's a lot different than the previous boats. I have a question on the swim platform and it could just be that I'm paranoid for some reason and probably just because I've never spent this kind of money on a boat. It seems like the swim platform is lower in the water than our other boats have been in the past. It's right at an inch below the water without any ballast and then gets even lower when the ballast is filled. The other ones we had it seemed to be much higher and and not in the water when just sitting. Also it seemed like the previous boats they were much harder to get on the platform for kids but this seems easier since its in the water. I just want to ease my mind so any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.