So gents I hope everyone has had a good summer thus far. I have been working too much already this summer compared to most. Anyways I just ran into a problem with my ballast which is only affecting my PORT and STARBOARD sides. The center still works fine and fills and evacuates just fine. Everything was working fine and then all of a sudden I have nothing? The indicators are still showing a certain percentage on both. I had a mechanic check it out for me and he said that they were reading 5V's to the those two from the switch and suggest that there may be a short / ground?

In my mind if that was so why is the center not grounded out too? It just doesn't make sense to me and I am trying to figure this out ASAP considering I plan on using the heck out of my boat for the next week while I am off. The problem is I am not happy about not being able to have any wake from ballast.

Any suggestions...thoughts...or experiences with similar problems are welcome. I am going out to Jordan Lake, NC tomorrow just to get out on the water with some good friends and sadly I will pull a tube behind my boat for the second time since owning it! LOL I know right! sad but hey they are good friends.

Thanks again crew and if you know a quick fix that I am over looking and can happen sooner rather than later feel free to shoot me a text or call...I will more than glad to make it worth your call.

Cheers and safe ridding.

2011 Moomba Mobuis LSV (Venom)