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    I am looking for a clcok to fit in the blank spot where a depth finder would go. I have an 2006 Outback, and town regulations say no skiing after 7:30 in June, 8:00 in July and August, and not before... anyway I need to know what time it is and a clock that matches the existing guages would be real nice.

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    I use the clock in the stereo and I also have an indoor/outdoor thermometer I use for water temps that has a clock. Two more clocks than I really want to have. Have the town shoot off fireworks when its time to get out of the water or have them put a really big clock up on town hall like in Back to the Future. Just tell the city elders it ain't cheap enforcing stupid rules.
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    Beede makes the gauges for this year, but no clocks. Teleflex makes very simmilar packages so you should be able to get very close.

    Teleflex Marine Gauges

    The "Lido" line looks like the best match and has a quartz clock available in that line and available to the public.

    Check or for availability.


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