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Shut up you guys or I'll take back that jr moderator "deputy" privilege.

Actually there's a quota for how many threads and posts you can be active in for any given 30 day period. Once you exceed that quota old threads will begin to drop from your history. You can re subscribe but then something else wil drop off the end. The more you post the more history you're going to lose.

Kind of a protection mechanism. If you are a heavy poster.
Can you expand on this some more? What's the quota? If I go into "subscribed threads" is shows I have 446 thread subscriptions.

But I'm getting randomly unsubscribed more and more. There was a new thread that I made a few comments on today and then a few hours later, I'm unsubscribed and not seeing replies that were directed at my comments.

I've also found myself unsubscribed from threads where I was the thread creator. I'll see the threads in the "new posts" search and think, Hey, I was subscribed to that and didn't see it updated in my subscriptions sure enough I find that I'm not subscribed anymore.

If I could better understand how it works, then maybe I could refine my browsing habits so that I'm not kicked off threads I'm interested in...