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    Default 2006 2nd Annual Jamboree

    Watersports of Central Florida
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    On Saturday, April 22, 2006 the second annual Moomba / Supra Jamboree and Owners reunion, which took place at the beautiful Lake Louisa State Park in Clermont, Florida, was a big hit in Central Florida. Approximately 70 to 80 Moomba and Supra boat owners, families, and friends had a great time boating, wakeboarding, wakesurfing, skiing, or just hanging out. Plenty of food and drinks were on hand, catered by Sonny's Bar B Q and sponsored by Watersports of Central Florida and Skier's Choice

    Boat owners participated in a drawing for the cool boat accessories. Sponsors of the event, Skier's Choice and Watersports of Central Florida, gave away a whole bunch of prizes donated by many of the industry suppliers: O'brien, Kenwood, Extreme, Boat Mate, O.J., Barefoot International, Indmar, Roswell, American Wakesurfing Association, Skier's Choice, and Watersports of Central Florida.

    Skier's Choice and Watersports of Central Florida presented a check to Brian Sheets, who is a Park Ranger and a Moomba owner, for "The Friends of Lake Louisa" organization.

    There were several Pros who joined in and exhibited their talents and / or gave instruction. Josh Sanders brought along one of his Australian mates who gave an awesome wakeboarding exhibition behind Russ Wilde's Moomba Mobius XLV. Russ Wilde is one of the best wakeboard instructors in the world and gave out some great tips to some of the aspiring wakeboarders. Kyle Schmidt was also there with his Moomba Mobius XLV and enjoyed mixing with the crowd. Trevor Hanson came by later in the afternoon after competing in a tournament and also spent some time imparting the wisdom of wakeboarding.

    Jeff and James Walker of the American Wakesurfing Association and Ed Geary, the FL representative / Moomba owner, also were there to give wakesurfing demonstrations and instruction. The Association donated several nice prizes and presented a special surfboard to Jay Warren of Skier's Choice.

    Andy & Joanie Hansen, Trevor's mom and dad, came in the afternoon. Joanie was gracious enough to help with the drawing along with Brian Raymond who's voice could be heard by all as he called out the winning numbers. Bob Campbell announced the prizes, and Rob Alderman and Jay Warren assisted with tickets and prize handouts.

    Joy Thomas, and her friend Micky, of Click Chicks Photography graciously volunteered to take pictures and got some great shots during the fun filled day.

    Skier's Choice was represented by Jay Warren, Brian Raymond, and Trey Tiller. Watersports of Central Florida's Bob and Sandie Campbell, Rob Alderman, and Dustin Doxtater were there all day.

    Everyone that came had a great time and went away with the feeling that "boating and watersports" is one of the great pleasures of life.


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    Default Replying to Topic '2006 2nd Annual Jamboree'

    A great big thank you to Watersports and Skier's Choice not only for throwing us this lavish party, but also for the donation to the Friends of Lake Louisa. The donation will be added to the current fund drive to replace the monument for Lt. Dean Gilmore that was damaged on our beach during a hurricane.

    Lt. Gilmore flew 91 combat missions during WWII and was honored with the Distinquished Flying Cross. On November 14th, 1944 he was leading a sqaudron of P51 Mustangs on a training mission over Lake Louisa. Witness accounts say he was traveling an estimated 200 mph while skimming low over the lake when a part of his plane caught the water and his plane tumbled and exploded and Lt. Dean was killed instantly. It was his 23rd birthday.

    Most of the wreckage remained underwater and forgotten until a drought in 2001 revealed what was left of his plane. A monument dedicated to Lt. Gilmore was placed on Lake Louisa beach shortly thereafter were it remained until a hurricane blew it over, breaking it in 3 places.

    It will hopefully be replaced soon, and thank you to Watersports of Central Florida and Skier's Choice for helping to make that happen.

    To read Lt. Gilmore's story for your self, go here:*id*val*


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