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    I have a 2003 Moomba Outback with a Indmar 310 carb. Last summer it wouldn't run very good, it didn't have any top end and would stall when idling. I had the carb rebuild and it has top end now and will idle fine when cool but after it heats up it will start to spudder then shut off (if idling for a few min) sometimes it will crank back but most of the time i have to hit it with starting fluid.

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    Sounds like the Idle jets arn't adjusted correctly. If you have to start with Spray then you have no Fuel.
    But after it starts and you can throttle away from the dock and run at high speeds then your off the idle circuit and onto the main jets.

    I would start but adjusting the Idle mixture screws.

    Also get a spray bottle with Gas, when you start to idle ruff, hit it with the Spay and if the idle smooths right out then you have an idle adjustment issue.
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    I have the same boat and same engine. Similar symptoms. Might not be a carb issue. I replaced my distributor cap and now she runs like a champ. Mine looked OK on the outside bit the leads on the underside were heavily oxidized.

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    Ok i will have to check that

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    I just replaced my electronic igition for the second time in 12 years and it runs great. It was randomly cutting out cylinders. I thought it was a valve problem until the module decided to change the failure to another cylinder.
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