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    Default My days on the Board are numbered

    Mixed feelings stir - but a great opportunity for a newer boat has arisen that will leave me without our beloved Mobius and out of the Skiers Choice family. It was just to good to pass up. So this may be one of my last posts. 14 years on the same boat is a good run and it has served us well. I have enjoyed the company of this board and appreciate everything I have learned from the members. Keep on the swerve.
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    Hopefully the new opportunity keeps you swerving...

    Don't be a stranger, your expertise will be missed for those of us you still ski once in a while.
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    Congratulations on the new boat purchase. No reason to let that run you off these forums though!

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    agreed. you would not be the first to stray from the skiers family and still hang on here

    who knows, might be in the skiers market again in a few years, so keep the ties. that's what I hope for..

    that being said, what'cha buying? out of respect to skiers and their forum, no new posts but no reason not to mention it..
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    I moved away from Skiers Choice when I moved to a private ski community. I still post pics here, chat in the slalom section and still consider myself a member solely on the fact our first two boats were a Supra and a Moomba.
    There's lots of good people here and nobody has told me I'm not allowed to come sight seeing and visit!
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