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    Default Advancing Indmar Engine Manually

    I was wondering how to advance my indmar 5.7 manually. I do not want to do this by using the starter as I have the transmission and bell housing off. When I re-install the transmission I want to manually advance the fly wheel manually to tighten the damper plate to the fly wheel through an observation hole in the bell housing.

    I was thinking I could put a wrench at the center of the pulley which has the harmonic balance ring at the front of the engine, but the impeller housing is attached at this point.

    Does anyone know the correct way (or a way)?

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    Probably want to pull all the sparks plugs to make it easier to turn over.
    - Could try by pulling/pushing on the belt; pull the pump off to access the crankshaft/balancer bolt; use screwdriver or something to turn the flywheel thru the bell housing.

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