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    Default Need some pointers

    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Brantford View Post
    Good. He should be exposed to a variety of conditions in order to know the difference.

    I recommend experimenting with the wakeplate some more. I've been getting better results by have the wake a bit less steep than it can be made to be. Too steep meant that there was less ramp and just not being able to capture all of the energy from it. The visible symptom is trouble with fully standing tall at the top of the wake. If he's not having trouble with that, there's no problem.
    Not sure if this was for me or the original poster. Either way I appreciate the info. I too control the shape of the wake with bow weight.
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    Have him try toeside jumps and riding switch if he hasn't already. Also a Heelside Frontside 180 will be a good new trick. With that start with Ollie 180s out in the flat or from inside the wake going out.
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