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    Has anyone tried a Ronix Code 22? I love the way Dean rides and his high flying explosive style is fun to watch for me so I'm looking at his model. I've been riding LF Watson's for 6-7 years but am in the market for a bigger board than the 2012 LF Watson 139 I have now. I know a newer Watson 143 would be a easy transition but want to explore other models while I'm in the market. The bad part is I don't really have the chance to test any of them out, so wanted to see if anyone had any comparisons between the two.

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    I took a slightly different approach when I picked out my Ronix Parks Modello board.....It matched the boat!
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    I think Dean Smith would do what he does even if he was riding a piece of plywood with his feet duct taped to it. That's just the way he rides, super aggressive just like Randall Harris. Have you considered the LF Bob or the Harley? Both of those are going to be a more responsive board than the Watson but should be a small enough change that it shouldn't disrupt your riding too much.

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