so i somehow melted off a terminal on my crank battery( i think the battery was bad ), luckily i had 2 other batteries, so when we were out in the cove i moved the wires from the crank batt to my acc. batteries. i got a few good cranks out of it before my batteries couldn't turn it over. i had noticed as well when i went to turn the key to on i didn't hear the fuel pump wine when it pushes fuel to the injectors, as well as see fuel spray into the intake. then i also noticed that none of my little switch lights came on when i went to turn on a switch. only thing i did see work was the bilge pump when i got some water in the bilge. so im wondering if theres a breaker or fuse that im over looking? i checked the one by the batteries under the observers area and it was popped but even after i reset it, it still wouldn't turn anything on.