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    well loving the new Mondo but seem to be having a issue with going ropeless for the heavier riders... anyone use a CWB Ride and can tell me if taking the center fin out in the back will help with speed thus increasing the chance of going ropeless. Seems hard to find that spot that gives the push ...
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    Yes removing the center fin will speed the board up and help riders go ropeless
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    I'm a heavy guy as well and tried surfing for the first time today. The dealer sold me a New Phase Trident board. I could just barely let go of the rope but I had to be within 6' of the platform. Speed seemed to need to be 10.5mi and 3/4 stock ballast on starboard and full on port side. The centre was filled full as well. The surf plate all the way down. Does anyone have a suggestion?
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