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    Default Water Leaking from the Drive Shaft Packing - 08 XLV

    Finally got the Moomba on the water this weekend for the first time and while doing a visual check on the V-Drive compartment, I noticed a water leak right where the drive shaft meets the packing hub (exiting the boat). I felt the water and it was hot so I know it was not river water but rather cooling water from the engine. Is it normal to have a small leak the first time out (till the packing expands) or do I need to replace the packing? Thx!!

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    I believe you have the "dripless" seal (starting in 2007 models?). I put dripless in quotes because the design uses a tap of off the cooling system to pressurize the seal area with water which then leaks -or drips- out of the boat. As opposed to the conventional method of allowing a little bit of lake water to drip through the seal into the boat. So "dripless" really just means it doesn't leak into the boat. So, the warm water makes sense because it's coming off of the cooling system - but you should be dry on the inside the boat. I think you are due up for a little service.
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