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    Default Mew mojo 2.5 with issue. Looking for opinions.

    New guy here but not new to direct/ v drives. I purchased the boat from a dealer today and it was sold to me as demo green and white brochure boat with 55.5 hours. Make it to the water tonight throw it in and vibrates plus wont plane. Then have water filling in the boat so I head back in and put It back on the trailer.

    Figure its got a bent prop. Get it on the trailer and sure enough props been hit twice. So I do some more looking to see if the shafts bent and find rub marks around the hull like the shaft had failed or who knows what. Never seen anything like this before. Here are some pictures. What do you guys think the one marks are from? Or are they common? I assume not but I do not know what could have caused them other then a shaft failure. Can also see where the prop has hit the trailer in the one image.


    Plan to be at the dealer in the am to try and resolve the issue but would like some opinions on the other damage.
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