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Thread: All effed up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jyj1189 View Post
    Thanks for all the input. I just spoke with Jerry at Boatmate about my trailer lighting issue. It appears as the the ground isn't making it through the tongue hinge and he suggests running a new dedicated ground to bypass the hinge. I guess this was a common problem prior to 2008(mine is a 2007). Has anyone ever had to do this before or have any suggestions to make it work without out looking like sh!#?
    A typical 5 flat will have a dedicated ground, run the pigtail on the trailer side to the frame and ground it. Should be able to find an existing screw, nut & bolt, or something to ground to. Same for truck side pigtail, ground it to frame. The 5 wire harnesses can be wrapped in tape or wire loom to prevent looking like sh!#
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    I once had a grounding issue on my 2003 trailer.

    Turned out to be corrosion on a ground wire underneath one of the lenses on the side of the trailer.

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