I'm looking at putting a very simple system in my 2002 Outback. With all the underwater brass I'm replacing this year, simple is all we can do right now. We don't care about blasting the lake, and we will never host a beach party with our boat stereo.

No tower speakers or sub for this year. We just want a decent head unit and four 6.5 speakers that will sound good when we are anchored or slow cruising.

Would like Bluetooth but don't really care about CD, I'd rather not carry around a bunch of CDs anyway.
I like the Polk speakers...the MMs, but I can get a deal on JBL or Infinity speakers. Also looking at the Kenwood KMR-M308BT for a head unit. But not hung up on any of this stuff…

What are some recommendations for a head unit that won't break the bank but can be run through an amp to power the speakers and a sub next year?