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    Default Gas tank capacity

    I have a 2001 outback and was wondering what the gas tank capacity is. I think it is a 26 or 27 gallon tank. If so, I think I have a problem. Several times, I have been running at cruising speed, skiing, etc. and the boat will stop and idle with the throttle still in the half to 3/4 throttle position. Each time this has happened, I put the boat in neutral and go gas up. The problem is it never holds more than 17 gallons. It usually holds about 9-14 gallons. I thought I might be leaning into the kill switch, but I know I'm not. Also, I have to fill my tank extremely slow( as slow as the gas pump will pump). I asked a mechanic at the dealership I bought the boat from about it, and he didn't think it was a problem. I would like the use the whole tank of gas and not have to fill up every couple of hours. If anybody can give me some ideas on how to fix the problem I would appreciate it.

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    Default frustrating

    I dont have an answer for you, but I have been having similar problems. I too, have to fill my tank EXTREMELY slowly at the pump otherwise risking gas spillage. Because my fuel tank bobber continously gets caught, my BeBe fuel gage always registers 'full'.

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    I have not had a problem filling the gas tank on my 2001 Mobius. I think mine has a 28 gallon tank (wish it had more like a 35). I do notice sometimes my gas guage seems to get stuck a little over half a tank. Don't really know why. Must be the fuel tank bobber. Any Idea's how to fix this?
    2001 Mobius

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