Im happy to announce that pro water skier Trent Finlayson will be coming to visit and stay with me the weekend of April 26th & 27th. Trent will be giving me some lessons as well as a couple other ski buddies from the area.

Trent is a world renowned skier and currently ranks #6 in the world, skis for team HO, and is regarded as a top notch coach among the ski industry. I have taken lessons with Trent on a couple occasions and can speak personally to his character and professionalism. He is a great guy!!!!!

Trent would love to give any of you some coaching during his time at my house and community.

Fees to ski with Trent on this weekend are as follows:

$70.00 set for adults
$60.00 set for kids (high school & college kids included)

If youd like to ski and learn from one of the worlds best please contact me and let me get you set up with a time.

This is an amazing opportunity for everyone to take advantage of.

Ski site - Ski Texas Phase 2
25 mins south of Houston

Please contact me to set up times and enjoy a great day with a great pro!