I'm hoping to tap into your collective wisdom on suggestions for a new dock and boat lift at our new place in Wisconsin. We just bought our place last September on a ~400 acre sandy bottom lake, and the old cedar dock that came with the place has seen its better days. And the old boat lift won't be big enough to handle our 2014 Mobius LSV.

So I'm in the market for some new stuff ('cause buying the home, the new boat, and a new towing rig just wasn't enough...!). I'm looking at a sectional Pier Pleasure dock and a 5,000 lbs vertical boat lift. But given the water depth I need for my LSV, I'm looking at almost 120 feet of dock. So I've also been told to look at Porta-Dock as a less expensive option. Any thoughts on differences between these 2 options?

Also - the wife likes the thought of an electric drive for the boat lift, but I'm not convinced (that's what my 3 boys are for!)

Any suggestions from you guys on which way to go on this?