Hi all,

I have a 2014 Outback V with the 330 Assault engine, we have just clicked over 11hrs and the break in procedure was followed.

Today on the water I noticed the water temp gauge alot higher then normal, pushing 220, at the sametime the oil pressure gauge was more then 80. I stopped the engine checked the water strainer/filter and all good. The engine didn't seem to be generating more heat then normal. Prior to starting though with the ignition off I noticed the oil pressure gauge as still showing 80.

I started the engine, the temp went down to about 190 and then climbed back to around 200, and the oil pressure gauge climbed off the dial. We returned to the dock, put the boat on the trailer and came home. About 4 hours later, I have just gone out to the boat (it is night time and cold outside) to check the gagues, battery isolator is active so power is cut to everything but oil pressure gauge is still showing close to 80 and the temperature gauge is on 180.

So i'm guessing that both my oil pressure and temperature were fine but the gagues are not working correctly.

Any one experience this before? Anything I could check before calling my dealer on Monday?

Also I know these have check engine lights, do they have audible alarms at all for high temp or other problem?


2014 Moomba Outback V