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    Default Mojo Gravity III Ballast Pumps mounting

    Good Morning- I recently removed the panel covering the pumps for the ballast system and I see they are mounted to a board. This board is not mounted to anything and is just being held in place by the fill/drain lines basically. I see the L brackets but do not see where this mounts as I cannot find any existing holes. Does anyone have a photo of this set up they can post for me. Thank you in advance

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    Default Mojo Gravity III Ballast Pumps mounting

    I wondered about this as well when I saw mine so I contacted SC. This is intentional, the l brackets are not utilized. I've thought about putting some screws in it to help avoid harness and line rubs bit I think it's held pretty well by the lines and the cover panel.

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    Same here on my 2014 LSV. Board was just sitting there with brackets not attached to anything. Didn't matter to me since I was moving the pumps anyway.

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    same on mine, no biggy really, its not going any where. mines sitting in the garage someplace--pumps moved.
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