I have a Wilson Dual Band Wireless Signal Booster Kit (Smart Technology 2) that I used for 1 year and no longer need it. This was perfect for having cell service on the road in those bad areas and for those "just in case" scenarios at the hunting lease that was 2.5 hours from any civilization. I am no longer at that lease and I forgot I even had this thing until today so I figured I would give somebody a deal... Wilson makes several different models, this is the 50db amplifier, not the cheap one!

I bought this thing for a little under $300 after tax and with the extra phone cradle ($25). First person to PayPal me $200 gets it! That's Shipped!!!!

I'm posting this here because somebody might frequent a lake where there is little to no cell service and you may want this for the boat...

Here's a link to the exact model:

Supported Carriers

All carriers that use the standard dual band frequencies (800 MHz & 1900 MHz) for voice and 3G data, including:

AT&T 2G/3G/4G HSPA+ (shows as 4G on your phone)
Verizon 2G/3G
Sprint 2G/3G
US Cellular 2G/3G
Alltel 2G/3G
T-Mobile 2G only in most locations
Major Canadian Carriers 2G/3G
All other carriers using 800 MHz and 1900 MHz
Will not boost 4G LTE for any carrier