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    i was just out tuesday bombing 5-6 foot snow drifts with my sled.. if yall need any help ill come down haha..the one pic thats blurry( stupid phone) is of my buddy sitting next to my sled and i got it stuck and then the other one is day, yall southerners are missing out haha
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    Quote Originally Posted by kriley View Post
    Chuckle all you want - We will be on the water putting sun tan oil on while some will still be blowing snow....
    Quote Originally Posted by wolfeman131 View Post
    just about 8 wks from now, the boat will be back in the water. So, go ahead & get your chuckle on.
    Yeah, yeah, we know............just give us this one chuckle because we will all be crying when we see your pics in a couple of months out on the water and we're still thawing out!!

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    Don't forget August is hurricane season. I spent a few August and September months in that region deployed on hurricane duty. It's been quiet though. Every time they predict a big hurricane season it fizzles out. I can't say our weather here is not too bad. I haven't picked up a snow shovel in two years and I'm further north than Minneapolis.
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