My advice: Ask people that use the gear. Not retailers, as they usually have old information or omit certain things.

XM9 has a patented clamping system. It's unique and It’s slick.

XM9 have Stainless mounts that are pretty organic looking. 2 mfg’s recently copied our past design so it was time to move on.

XM9 has horn dampening built into the crossover. A lot of people dont know that. But you remove the rear logo, flip a switch and it removes some of the aggressive sound attribute. Speakers are shipped in the “hot” position

XM9 actually has the entire mid bass construction built into the enclosure itself and is unlike any other tower speaker on the market. This has many benefits - larger cone, adds rigidity to the enclosure etc.

XM9 ships with speaker covers. Several mfg’s copied our past design. Some charge upward of 124 bucks for these bags. Ours are included. Our Newest version has felt lined water resistant canvas style shell.

XM9 has two year warranty

A few people chimed in on Exile customer service. Thanks guys.

The items above are things I believe make the Exile’s unique. At the end of the day - they are all tower speakers.