My old Kenwood head unit is a pain when trying to use the I phone for music. So I thought about upgrading to a newer head unit. Then I read all the great things about the equalizers from Wet Sounds (WS-420-SQ) and or the Exile (ZLD). I love the idea of control of 3 zones (sub, tower and cabin).

So then I thought about it and I never use the radio or CD player so why do I even need a head unit?
It appears that I could hook up an I pod or I phone at any time to the equalizer and go from there.

I have 2 amps that I currently use; one 4 channel for the cabin and tower and then one 2 channel for my sub.

Any comments and/ or ideas on this would be helpful. Thanks in advance; you guys are the best when it comes to thoughts in the Moomba world!