I hope the Admins do not see this as an advertisement, since Kicker has been and I think, still is the OEM in-boat and amp choice of Moomba. I just wanted to share the sneak of what Kicker has coming out new for 2014.

Ive heard a little through the grapevine as to what was revealed at IBEX and SEMA , but no hard details. Hope to see in person @ CES next month
KM8 with white grill and RGB LEDs

The entire marine speaker line is getting a new look, which includes RGB options.

It seems that there is a larger in-boat coaxial with a 1" tweeter, that might be phasing out the 6.5" components

Some options will include both a charcoal and white grill in the box.

The mid level KM6200 and the price-point KM6000 have both received some acoustic tweaks and will be released as a new model with all new sound and look.

Looks like there is a new 4" speaker geared towards the power sports. There is also a 4" tower pod for it as well.

Looks like the 2 ohm options have been expanded. This makes it easier to get the most out of your amp.

Cant wait for CES, to get more details and actual pics

New KM65 with charcoal grill and RGB LEDs

KMS67 Component HLCD to replace the KM6500.2

KMX line of full-range Class-D marine amps released this spring