Here is the official release of the new Moomba Flow system.

I know I'll be getting one on Beastia as soon as AWS can get one for me.

From the waves it looks to add considerable length to the wave. I know camera angles play a lot on perception of your wave but when looking at the corner of the boat and the distance to the board it looks pretty decent. I have several of those angle shots and the board looks a lot closer still.

Also it mentions in the article about weighting but I don't see where its saying if you weight even or offset.

I would have to venture that with the way that Mojo is sitting in the water its running 1100 to 1500 rear bags.

I know on mine I have the Enzo 1500's and the water line is at the MOJO 2.5 stickers.

Waiting on AWS to get me pricing info and other details.
Man after this is on I'll be seriously counting days till I see no rain to test it out LOL. I think my wet suit will get as much of a workout as Boonejeeping's does. No wait, I refuse to wear my wetsuit in July-Sept LOL