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    Well I had my hand forced by the Diesel Gods or Demons of the International Engine.
    We have had such bad cold weather up here that driving the Diesel to work the last couple weeks and starting it when the oil and coolant was 24 degrees broke a lot of things.
    At home I plug it in to the house to warm the engine, at work it sits, for 13 hours in the cold ;(

    Last Saturday the truck blew a front crank seal, then oil pump seal, then oil pan seal. by Monday it was leaking 3 good size puddle in 10 minutes. When we went to the dealer to have it looked at it literally had 4 inch wide, from the left tire to the right tire of oil on the ground in 15 minutes. Costing a minimum of 3k up wards of 5k or more to remove the cab of the truck and engine to reseal everything was a deal breaker for me.

    I have had to hang up my Diesel hat and pull out my Gas Truck hat again. I was sad at first but honestly the more time i spend in my new truck the more I'm ok with the choice.

    I have crossed over to the EcoBoost crowd.

    Pluses I see are i worked a 7/75K true bumper to bumper warranty in the deal where everything is covered except tires. This includes the brakes, bulbs even wiper blades. Also got the service package added that covers all maintenance, oil changes, belts, hoses, trans, rear end services.

    Spent 6 hours at the dealer making the deal but I was like a pit bull on my expectations

    So fare truck is showing 18mpg and with gas .75 cents a gallon cheaper that will be nice.

    I choose a 13 F150 FX4 Super Crew Eco Boost with a 6.5 bed on it. i was lucky to even find one as the 6.5 beds are pretty uncommon i hear.

    I went with a Black truck again because i just love Black LOL. I guess this means my next boat will be Black.

    Today she goes in for the front leveling kit, and Monday is Window tint.

    Heres some pics.

    In this pic you can actually see some of the oil the diesel was leaking, that was Saturday when it started after 10 minutes.

    Dealer Pics.

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