That would be awesome if its Factory weight and thats the result of the wave.

When we surfed the SA we ran max from the factory and while it was surfable it was still a short wave like you find on the Launch 21. Shorter and Tall, very simular to the LSV with 750 rear and only 400 ski locker.

The SC had hard tank plus 1100 so apx 1350 in the rear and 1000ish up front and that wave was by fare the best factory style wave on an SC boat i have surfed. That wave had more length to it and a lot of push but it still wanted a 1500 in the rear but i didnt want to deal with pulling the Enzo out of the Mojo.

I have heard rumors Moomba will get a surf system but no time line as of yet. Maybe tomorrow's announcement will say something.

I was corrected when talking to my source, and only 14 boats will have the new system and its not retrofit now. Like i said in my earlier post, that was the info from July and a lot can and has changed since then.

Looking forward to the announcement, also looking forward to Evening with the Stars at AWS Friday night. They have a SC on the floor but it doesn't have the surf system.