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I was planning on upgrading the the rears on my 13 OBV with 750#. Simple plug and play upgrade there. I was wonder if it would be possible to slide the 400's under the bow seat one on each side forming a V.

I know I won't get them full. It would be cheaper then buying an IBS.

I figure the the rear sac (50x16x16) is only 2" shorter than the IBS arms (52x12x12) and I would lose a little bit under the front seat. But at the end of the day they will both only fill so much no matter how big.

Also, for those that run the IBS how much weight are you getting up there and do u still run the center 400#?
First thing is yes you can run the 2 400s under your nose. Filling is the easy part, its draining that's much more difficult.

Filling you can simply run a hose between them but when draining you need a suction source on each bag. You will need to devise a Y to drain on both bags. When i tried to use a pair of 450s in the nose of my Mojo this is the exact problem i ran into. Yes still run the 400 in the ski locker.

As for the OP.

I had a 08 LSV with a huge surf waves on both sides of the boat, very clean lots of power. The LSV on Regular is very easy to make a big clean wave, the goofy how ever is a much different animal.

I ran 1100, in the rear, the factory 400 in the locker and a 650 IBS in the nose on the stock ballast system for 3 years. The largest of the system was only 1 summer.

You will want to fill your ski locker bag right after you launch and it can be left full pretty much all the time. You how ever will not want to run the IBS full unless you are going to wake board and you don't want anyone riding in the bow because it will ride very low with no rear weight.

We did this when people wanted to wake board and i didn't want to fuss with leveling the boat side to side, and trying to get the wave clean. Ski locker and IBS wake plat 100% 23mph and it was a beefy clean wake that only takes about 10 minutes to fill.

When i went to reversible, i only did it on the rear bags, this makes plumbing simple, allows you to remove the restrictive ballast tree and use the main pump as a dedicated ski/IBS pump. I also mounted to the rear plastic panel above the muffler. Lots of room for plumbing and easy to get to if i burned an impeller.

hit me up if you want the thread, or upgrade ideas on the LSV.