We just got a 2007 LSV, so now I have to think about it all winter. To entertain myself, I'm starting to plan some modifications. I got some great ideas from this forum. I think that the top of the list will be a swivel seat, some ballast upgrades and a wind screen for the walk through.

It came with the GIII system. My end goal is to have large locker bags, IBS and plumbed with 3 dedicated reversible pumps. I have a couple of questions:
1. Can I "ease" into this system, financially? I'd like to get the larger bags first. Can I live with the stock pump set up with longer fill times (20 minutes?) while I save some money for the pumps?
2. It's not clear to me what size bags fit in the lockers. From what I've read, I think that 1100# bags fit (with bracing) but I've also read a lot of 750# set ups. Is 750# the limit for the earlier LSVs (2005 and earlier)?

Are there any other must-have modification projects that should be on my short-list?