So I have read up on what I need for tune up/ winterization on my 07 LSV with the 325 engine. I
am not actually going to winterize since I will keep it in a heated garage, but wanted to make sure I am not forgetting anything. Here is what I have..

Fuel stabilizer
Rotella 15-40 motor oil
Penzoil oil filter PZ 52
Impeller 09-812B-1 I probably wait till the spring to put this in.
Fuel fliter Wix33299
Spark plugs AC 41-101 or 41-993 Skidim said to use the 101 but I thought I read that those are only for catalytic converter engines, which mine is not.
Cap and Rotor? I don't know the make and part # of these if anyone has them handy.
V-drive and transmition oil- any recommendations on which oils?

The boat only has 200hrs so I don't know that I really need to do plugs, cap, and rotor, but I thought I might as well do it while I am in there.

Anything else I am missing?