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Thread: Trailer Dolly?

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    Default Trailer Dolly?

    Does anyone use a motorized trailer dolly? I have a garage to store my boat but not enough driveway space to back it straight in. I'll have a slight incline but nothing too crazy...any recommendations would be great. Thanks.

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    Tandem or single axle?

    DO NOT bother with the harbor freight special (non motorized) P.O.S.

    I was toying with motorizing one but it would be a complete waste of time and $$

    I believe we have a trailer/parts/dolly vendor on here who may chime in.
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    I use mine every time I bring the boat home.. I built mine from plans and spent around $800?.. Depending on the incline you may want a small tractor or ATV.. My main issue is traction I have a small incline entering my garage so I use the truck to get the boat over the hump and the mover for everything else..

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