Ok so Cody and I set out to make a video that kind of embodies summer and boating season for us, we got some footage together from last summer and this summer and got to work. After we got about 5 min into we decided we did not like it too much and we wanted to start over using new footage from the 2013 Jam and the 2013 GCWA Fall Bash. I decided however that even though we are going to make a new video, there is no sense in letting the old one go to waste so for all of yall to enjoy, here is what we started with!

This video contains footage from the 2012 Texas Jam as well as random footage through out 2013.

Forum members featured in this video:
Brett Howell (Bhowell)
Brian Kelsey (brianinpdx)
Drew Wolfe (wolfeman131)
Heidi Surman (hsurman86)
Brandon Zubke (bzubke1)
Ron Allison (rca)