And now for my latest mod.... Runway lights!!!!!!!!

I got this idea from a cool writeup on Wakeworld.

Here's what you need:
  1. 5 meters of black 5050 SMD waterproof strip lights, Mine light up BLUE
  2. Atwood Digital Bilge Switch ( had the best price)
  3. A bunch of black zip ties

So, 5 meters was enough to go from the rear of the trailer most of the way towards the front. Close enough that I didn't feel compelled to waste more money on lights. I paid $26 shipped off ebay from a seller called nj-store.

This switch will power the lights on for 8 seconds when you first turn on the running lights. Just a power up test it always does. Once the sensors are wet for 8 seconds, then the lights will illuminate. The switch will keep the lights powered up for 1 minute after the sensors are out of the water. There are no moving parts on this switch so it won't trigger the lights going down the road on bumps.

Okay, so I just ran the strip lights down the top of my frame rails of my trailer. I tapped into my running light circuit of my trailer lights, ran a wire across to the other side to power those strip lights, and secured the strip lights about every 3 to 4 feet with zip ties around the frame rails. Yes, they have adhesive, but it's weak and I don't trust it so I zip tied the strip lights in place.